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"Keep Sailing!"

Erin May, Principal

Main Office: 919-387-4440

School Hours: 9:15 a.m. - 3:45 p.m.

2022-23 WCPSS Year-Round Calendar

Noah's Ark and Olive Chapel Elementary

Olive Chapel Elementary has been included in our services for years now and it will be for years to come!

Noah's Ark offers Olive Chapel parents the full package: before school, after school, and track out camp. Competing organizations that are often provided by the school only offer before and after-school care. Noah's Ark can take care of your child for their entire track out! On top of that, our prices are unmatched by other childcare services in the area. For example, Noah's Ark before-school care for one week costs $35 while another local childcare provider for Laurel Park charges $56.06 for the same thing!

Find more information about pricing on the following pages:

Track Out Camp

Before & After School Care


Before School

Noah's Ark is highly rated by customers for our reliability. Center drop off time is anywhere between 6:45 and 8:30 AM and we assure that your child gets to Olive Chapel safely.


After School

Our employee's will come to Olive Chapel in our Noah's Ark bus and be at the school when the bell rings for dismissal. We make absolute sure that we have all kids before leaving the school. Pick up your kids anywhere between 4-6 PM.


Track Out Camps

For our track out camps, drop off and pick up times are the same. We will take care of your kids throughout the day with fun games, trips to parks, restaurants, etc.

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