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"Together, We Shine!"

Dr. Tanner Gamble, Principal

Main Office: 919-694-8454

School Hours: 9:15 a.m. - 3:45 p.m.

2022-23 WCPSS Traditional Calendar

Noah's Ark and Apex Friendship Elementary

As a new school in the area, we are excited to include Apex Friendship Elementary in our services.

Noah's Ark will offer Apex Friendship Elementary parents full-day camps along with before and after school care for their children. Competing childcare organizations that are often provided by Wake County schools also offer before and after-school care, but there is one major difference. Our prices are unmatched by other childcare services in the area. For example, Noah's Ark before-school care for one week costs $35 while another local childcare provider in the area charges $56.06 for the same thing!

Find more information about pricing on the following page:

Before & After School Care

Full Day Camps

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