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Noah's Ark Childcare Services, Inc. is under guidance from NC Department of Health and Human Services, NC Government, Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization.  Drilling down, we are following their guidelines and regulations for all our operations.

In the process of opening our services in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a risk.  We are taking all the precautions set forth by the above agencies to prevent any spread of COVID-19 or any other virus.  Our center is professionally sterilized every day and everything in it.  We are preventing as much contact with any potential carries as possible. 

There is not a childcare program in the world that can guarantee they can prevent the spread of COVID-19.  If you ask the question, "can a childcare guarantee my child will not get COVID-19 from the childcare program", the provider has to ask you the question "if a child can spread the virus and never show any signs of the virus, how do you know they  do not have the virus and are not the carrier"?

Here is what we know to be the facts.

  1. ​Our children can unknowingly carry the virus if they come in contact with an infected person

  2. People, including children, can carry the virus and never know it

  3. The virus spread can be prevented if contact with the virus is prevented

  4. Children are natural explorers as we were when we were growing up

  5. It is a natural part of life that children will touch everything around them

  6. The "5 second rule" does not count with viruses. It just take an instant

  7. Viruses can be eliminated when outside the body by disinfecting or sterilizing

  8. Children are naturally social and want to belong or fit in with others

  9. Teaching children about viruses is done at home and not in a childcare 

  10. Helping children understand how to prevent viruses spreading is for all

Our main goal is to help children build a better future by walking in Faith.  The Faith that is the source for ALL character traits.  It is through that Faith that we understand how to treat others the way we want to be treated.  Respecting others is sometimes a hard thing to understand for a child.  "Dad, grandpa used to love to take us fishing and do things outside.  Why does grandpa not want us to come over anymore?"  "Well if this COVID-19 virus was not so easy to spread, they would be taking you to the best and biggest fishing hole right now, but this virus thing, you cannot see and it is difficult for older people to recover from.  We just need to keep loving them and respecting their wishes even though they want to be with you."

What are we doing to prevent the spread of viruses including COVID-19?

  1. Education is key

  2. Appropriate action as a result of education is imperative

  3. Staff is required to follow all guidelines including their household being free of COVID-19

  4. Everyday our center is being professionally sterilized

  5. Pre-screening, entrance screening and monitoring throughout the day

  6. We limit contact with all people including car pool line

  7. We develop small groups of 10 and keep them out of contact from the other groups

  8. All groups have separate bathroom breaks and the bathrooms are cleaned after every break

  9. We have remove all outside field trips and lunch at public restaurants

All families and staff are required to understand and abide by the State's rules and guidelines which you can see from the following with links.

Please help us help you.


Grace and Peace

Noah's Ark Childcare Services, Inc.



Noah’s Ark Update "The COVID-19 Virus"



With Prayers and trying to figure things out.  “We are praying for all impacted by the virus as we work through our options for continued services to our clients”

It appears our area is in the acceleration phase of COVID-19 Pandemic. Our commitment is to continue to provide a valued service that keeps children engaged, safe and healthy.  When going through situations such as this, Noah’s Ark will continue to make decisions that we feel will insure the safety and respect for our children and their families.

Looking ahead as the situation evolves, there is a very good chance Noah’s Ark will close.  We will communicate as soon as any decision is made in reference to any of our services. Our main path of communication is this, MailChimp, and our website.  As a part of our protocols we have accelerated all disinfecting procedures and instituted additional preventative measures for the spread of the virus. We are currently rescheduling field trips and lunch locations away from large venues such as museums and buffets.  Activities in locations such as bounce houses will also be avoided.  

If we are open and schools close, we are limiting our program to only 50 children.  If anyone in your family shows signs of a virus, your child cannot come to camp. The best place for them is home.  Thank you for understanding and we are sorry that we cannot take the risk.  

If you are already registered for camp, you are guaranteed a spot which means if we have 20 registered for camp, only 30 more can sign up for camp.  There will be no exceptions. If the schools close and for some reason your child will not attend, please let us know as soon as possible so we can allow another child to come.

During this time our cancellation policy is revised.  If you need to cancel please do it as soon as you can and there will be no payment due for service.  We want to help all during this time of need.

Noah’s Ark will continue to try to provide the best possible care for your children being good stewards of what God has given us.  Our most valuable tool to fight this is prayer.

Thank you in advance for your patience as we steer through this challenging situation one day at a time with the greatest of regard for you and all the families we serve.

Grace and Peace,

Bill Walker, President

Noah’s Ark Childcare Services, Inc.



Our Number ONE concern is the SAFETY of the children!

We feel you are the best person to ensure the safety of your child.  When the schools close early for a weather situation, they want to make sure your child is safe at home and so do we.

Most early school closings we will pick up your children early, but we will close early.  Your children are the safest when they are with you.

We usually hear about WCPSS delays and closings about 3 minutes after they are announced.  We don't plan anything until we change our Home page.  Our site will be changed within 10 minutes.  Please keep posted to our site when weather or other factors happen.

Some Private and Charter schools do not follow anyone's schedule so we will try to call and get that as soon as we can. 


Our home page will look a little like the following screen shots when something happens.  If your child is in our after school program and you are picking them up, PLEASE use the

"No Pickup" button on our Reservations page


Check Out WRAL to see the weather that is coming our way

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