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The Parent's Page

At Noah's Ark we have served over 3,000 children over the years and will continue with your help.
We want to make sure we offer the highest quality service to the children and their parents. 
Children look for boundaries to live life in and some, most, look for opportunities to explore past those boundaries.  We do not want to change these behaviors, we just want them to make wise choices.  Wise choices happen every where they turn.  From school to playing with others.

There are games we play to see how well they play together and games that allow them to organize themselves.  Leaders lead and follow others.  The Bible is the greatest life lesson book of all time with timeless stories about thinking different, honest and caring about others.  I wonder what type of world we would have if every one practiced what the Bible teaches?  Even if they do not believe in Jesus, wonder what would happen if we treated each other like we want to be treated.  

The Bible is a book with timeless stories that lead to every good character trait.  It is a rule book, a guide book and most of all documents a Story that has changed the world.

We live in a very different world that slide ever so slightly in directions away and towards the Bible.  

Resources Links
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Church and Community
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Curriculum from
The ReThink Group - Orange -

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Other Links we have used
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Reference materials

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Lifeway - books and more -


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