Full Day Camps

Noah's Ark Childcare

Open at 6:45 AM & Close 6:00 PM

We provide lunch from local restaurants like Longhorn, Remington Grill, Jersey Mikes and others. 

Lunch is picked up from the restaurant and we serve it at our facility

Field Trips are delayed until January 1, 2022 due to the steep rise of the COVID-19 variant

unless we can determine we can take your children places where they

won't bring COVID-19 or it's variants home to you, your family and to others within their group.

Reserve your child's spot using the Reservations page. We will also need a completed application and immunization records prior to the start of service.


Drop off from 6:45-8:30 AM.    Pick Up from 4:00-6:00 pm.

Your child will need: personal head set with microphone, School supplies, water bottle and a couple snacks 


Yearly Membership Fee for the school year, July 1 to June 30,  $75 per child

Full Day Camps

Summer Camp is by the week onlyAll Days have to be in one week.  Cannot split days up on 2 or more weeks.  Service dates have to be chosen prior to week starting and payment is due the Monday of service week.  

1 Day    Elementary  $ 65                Middle School 1 Day       $   70

2 Days   Elementary  $130              Middle School  2 Days    $ 140

3 Days   Elementary  $175              Middle School  3 Days    $ 190

4 Days   Elementary  $190              Middle School  4 Days    $  205

5 Days   Elementary  $210              Middle School  5 Days    $  230

** We need your help please.

Cancellation Policy: You can cancel online by filling out the 'Cancel or Revise Service' form on the "Reservations" page. Cancellations must be made 8 days prior to the first day of service being cancelled. Otherwise, you will be financially responsible for the price of the entire service.