Noah's Ark Childcare

Before & After School

Noah's Ark Before and After School
We serve the following Schools

Elementary Before and After School:
Apex, AV Baucom, Laurel Park, Olive Chapel, Salem,
Peak Charter, Scott's Ridge, Thales Academy,
Woods Creek, and Apex Friendship

Middle Before and After School:
Apex Middle, Apex Friendship Middle
* Ask about Lufkin Middle School

Center Drop Off is 6:45-8:30 AM    -    Pick-Up 4:00 to 6:00 PM

*Application and immunization records are required prior to the start of service.

Now Serving
Woods Creek Elementary
Apex Friendship Elementary



Administrative Processing Fee runs July 1 to June 30 - $75 per child
Maximum per household $125 for 2 or more children

Emergency Pickup or Drop-Off for members:  $30 Per Event

Before School pricing
For all schools $35 per week

After School pricing
For all schools $70 per week