A Day At The Ark

Some of our Field Trip and Lunch Vendors Include:

Lunch Vendors: ACME Pizza, Barrys's Cafe, Cici's Pizza, Golden Corral, IHOP, Jersey Mikes, Longhorn,  O'Charley's, Remington Grill

Field Trips Vendors:  Aloha Zoo, Bounce U, Buffalo Lanes, Carolina Tiger Rescue, Cary Ice House, History Museum, IMAX, JumpStreet, Jelly Beans, KidzArt, Life and Science Museum, Marbles, NCSU Arboretum, Pullen Park, Raleigh Aquatics, Scrap Exchange, TasetBuds, Treasure Quest, 401 Par Golf

Heading 1

Noah's Ark is a very unique childcare.  Our main purpose is to equip children to build a better future based on truth, respect, wisdom, and always trying to make the wise choice.  

During COVID-19 pandemic Noah's Ark will not conduct field trips since this puts children close together and into areas that cannot be sanitized properly.  When restrictions lift, we will start back doing what no one else does.

We are the only child care operation that can say

we have not had a case of COVID-19

Nobody does childcare like Noah's Ark



The ONLY childcare that takes are of the mind, body and soul. God is Good!

Daily Routine


6:45   AM      Noah's Ark Opens - morning drop off begins

                     Activities - free play, board games, reading, building, coloring, etc.

7:15   AM     Bathroom and Water Break

                     Activities - gym games, board games, reading, building, coloring, etc.

7:45   AM   Snack & Bathroom Break  

               Free play while bathroom, water, snack

7:55   AM     Large Group Organized Game

8:10   AM     Devotion

8:25   AM     Closing prayer and Load Bus for School

8:30   AM     Before School Group Leaves

                     Organized Activities or Center

9:30   AM     Full Day Camp Goes Over Activities for the Day

10:00 - 2:00 PM    Field Trip & Lunch. If we are finished with our field trip and lunch early, we will visit local parks.

2:30   PM     Camp Kids Return to the Church and have Chill Time - 10 minutes to relax and re-set before afternoon activities. Kids are more than welcome                           to bring a book or a blanket.

2:40 PM       Activities/Games/Centers

3:15  PM      Bathroom Break & Snack

3:20  PM      Activities/Games/Centers

4:00  PM      Bathroom Break

4:15  PM      Devotion

4:30  PM      Bathroom Break & Snack

4:45  PM      Activities/Games/Centers - there will be a homework space for after school kids

5:15  PM      Bathroom Break

5:25  PM      Gym Games or Playground

6:00  PM      Noah's Ark closes

Currently our program is FULL of fun, child discovery, unique, active, group, individual, organized, motivating, independent, positive, skilled, loving, nurturing and most important

Treating others like they want to be treated activities, crafts, games and just some good chilling instead of field trips.