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A Day At The Ark

Noah's Ark is a very unique childcare.  Our main purpose is to equip children to build a better future based on truth, respect, wisdom, and always trying to make the wise choice.  

Some of our Field Trip and Lunch Vendors Include:

Lunch Vendors: ACME Pizza, Jersey Mikes, Longhorn, Chilli's, Chick-fil-a, Pizza, McAlisters Deli, Moe's, LaRancherita, Panera, Qdoba and more

Field Trips Vendors:  History Museum, Life and Science Museum, Marbles, NCSU Arboretum, Pullen Park, Krispy Kream, Art Museum, Kid's Together Park, Kidstown, Nature Par, Sassafrass Park and more

Nobody does childcare like Noah's Ark
The ONLY childcare that takes care of the mind, body and soul. God is Good!

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