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We do more to keep your children safe


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Noah's Ark continues to help families figure out what is going on. 

Department of Health and Human Services, CDC and NC Department of Public Safety all 

all have very strict guidelines for field trips with children who have not been vaccinated for COVID-19. The guidelines include making sure the fieldtrip areas meet certain cleaning standards which cannot be guaranteed.  Currently 25% of all COVID-19 cases are children, up by only 21%. How would you like your childcare to give your child COVID-19.

Currently Noah's Ark continues to be the only childcare that has procedures that has successfully kept COVID-19 from spreading.

ALL staff is fully vaccinated and CPR/First Aid trained

Nobody does more for your children!



WCPSS has done a masterful job in equipment, programs and teachers.  Now we work with the families and put all the pieces together because it is a puzzle.

Working with the State and County Officials, Noah's Ark has created a safer environment for children.  Our process was reviewed by the NC Department of Public Safety COVID-19 Task Force and the Wake County Health Department COVID-19 Unit as the most aggressive prevention methods of any childcare.

We know the best way to keep COVID-19 from spreading in a school environment is to prevent it from coming in to that environment. If it gets in, the best thing to do is isolate, sanitize and prevent cross contamination.

Offering weekly rates for before and after school care


Important Information about COVID-19 

K-8th Grade Children

All our services are for SCHOOL AGED CHILDREN

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All programs are in SMALL groups

separated from the other small groups.

Space is Extremely Limited

Located in the Apex United Methodist Church

100 S Hughes St., Apex, NC 27502


Our primary focus is helping children make wise choices by teaching them to treat others the way they want to be treated.  All our direction comes from the Bible and in a way the children can understand.  We follow a curriculum from the 252 curriculum from the ReTHINK Group, which is very common in Sunday Schools across the country.  We work with all religions and those who question religion and those that do not have a faith.

 Matthew 7,  Luke 6:31-42, 1 Peter 4:10

We don't just say this, but live it.  We support the children, schools, and parents we serve.



How to Get Started 

  1. Visit our New to Noah's Ark page for more information.

  2. Register Here!

  3. Click here to print required forms. We need current application and immunization records prior to the start of service.



For most unscheduled school closures, weather related/snow/ice/hurricane/building malfunction there is a good chance Noah's Ark will be open.  We post all our closures on WRAL TV5,, and on our home page. 



Located in Apex United Methodist Church





Great Location for Easy Drop Off and Pick Up


Monday-Friday 6:45am-6:00pm

Mailing Address: PO Box 212, Apex, NC 27502


"God is saving the world with friendships" - Andy Stanley

Teaching relationships through devotions, activities, leadership and example

God is Good

Full Day Camps Are A Blast